Friday, 5 April 2013

Macaron Pop Covers - DIY & Wedding Freebie

This afternoon, I bring you the first in a series of free monthly downloads on A Little London Wedding. Each month, with some help from my lovely friend Amanda Fuller, I will be sharing a free wedding printable for you to use on your big day. And here is the first one!

This first freebie is one totally inspired by my love for Anges de Sucre macarons and in particular her Macaron Pops. Perfect little treats for your wedding guests. 

Take a look at her post from earlier today to see all the possible flavour and colour combinations she can create. 

To accompany your macarons there are 2 designs in 5 different colours for you to choose from.  (The polka dot and mint green are my personal favourites at the moment.) 

All you need to do is download, print, cut and fold to create your little macaron cover.

You will find the download link at the end of this post. Right after these simple instructions.

To find out a little more about Anges de Sucre macarons and to order your own batch, check out her post and give her a call! 

If you make these for your wedding or event... send me a picture and I'll share it here on the blog and on my Facebook page when you do. 

Enjoy! I'm off to pamper myself in preparation for my friend's hen party tomorrow! Keep an eye on Instagram and Twitter for updates. It's set to be a good one!

Much love,  Samantha x

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Anges de Sucre - Find My London Wedding Macarons (not macaroons!)

Reshmi Bennett of Anges de Sucre in her London macaron making headquarters This morning I have a couple of treats for you! Firstly, let me introduce a lovely friend of mine, Reshmi Bennett. She is the mastermind behind Anges de Sucre and creator of those irresistible little mouthfuls of French joy - macarons. (At times mistakenly called macaroons - but let's not get into that here!) Ex-investment banker turned chef, Anges De Sucre is not just a job for Reshmi, it's her passion. And when you taste these little delicate'll be able to tell.

She's a favourite for wedding couples, bridal press and the world's elite, creating perfectly formed macarons by hand, patiently one by one. No conveyor belts, no outsourcing and certainly no expense spared. 

I’ve been so eager to share Reshmi's macarons on here because they are possibly the tastiest I've ever eaten. I'm quite lucky really as Reshmi and I live quite close to one another. I've managed to conjure up a number of reasons to 'pop' over to her kitchen and hang out now - each time getting a batch of macaron-goodness in my tummy! ;) Her sweet round treats are ridiculously creative too...just look at these flavours! I'm currently loving the Amalfi Citron. A little bit of lemon loveliness! 

Let me hand over to Reshmi now but be sure to pop back later for a little wedding macaron related freebie! 

P.s. All of the photos you see below are indeed Anges de Sucre macarons. Unreal. 

...whisking, beating, and folding egg whites and almonds into perfectly pretty macarons.
Photography by Anneli Marinovich

Photography (left) by Eddie Judd Photography
Photography (right) by Jean Cazals of the most joyous occasions to declare your commitment and love while being surrounded by the most important people in your lives. The food, booze and dancing are all wonderful extras on top.
Photography by Jean Cazals
Photography by Jean Cazals

...Here Comes the Hotstepper by Ini Kamoze! (*She's the daddy of the mac daddy! Hee hee!) 

...need a hot drink and a pain au chocolat before starting my day!
Photography by Jean Cazals

Photography by Chris Giles Photography

...compromise on quality and will only source the best of ingredients such as free range eggs, organic vanilla pods, fresh fruit and premium liqueurs which comes through in our flavours.

... it would have to be The Piano Bar on High Street Kensington. It’s a great little place with a fabulous and jolly crowd indulging in good house wine and a sing-song alongside a charismatic pianist playing classic rock, pop and chart covers. It’d be great for date nights, hen dos, or just because.

Photography (left) by Chris Giles Photography
Photography (right) by Heline Bekker
MAC make-up master classes. They do special Bridal ones in most branches where they teach how to achieve three different looks and recommend the best tones and shades for each individual. It’s great to attend with bridesmaids! 

Follow it up with a blow-dry at Hershesons with a bottle of bubbles and some macarons, and you’re picture perfect.


Photography (left) by Jean Cazals
Photography (right) by Fiona Kelly Wedding Photography

Having seen Reshmi in the kitchen, spent time with her at bridal fairs, helped set up at weddings and even watched her going to extraordinary lengths to find the perfect ingredients (her 100% organic vanilla pods are personally sourced from Papua New Guinea) you can be assured that this lady will create wedding macarons beyond your expectations. 

Whether you choose macarons as your wedding favours, decide on a macaron tower instead of a wedding cake or simply buy a little box as a treat to yourself after the big day, you won't be disappointed. I can recommend Anges de Sucre wholeheartedly. 

(And don't tell her I told you this...but she makes thee most amazing handmade marshmallows too...seriously...this girl doesn't stop.)

Much love,
Samantha x

Friday, 29 March 2013

Eagle Eyed Bride - Find My London Wedding Stationery

I seriously adore the Eagle Eyed Bride ladies. 

Jacqui and Katie? Are you reading this? You are both so RIDICULOUSLY clever - I bloody love you guys and your stunning paper creations. Being the little stationery addict that I am, your paper pieces make me giddy!

Oh and did I mention that you are the creators of my favourite table plan of all time?

I mean...just look at it...
Photography by Anushe Low
I first met the lovely Eagle Eyed Bride ladies when I assisted my friend Elisabetta on a styled photoshoot. She told me she was bringing on board a very talented pair of stationery-makers and little did I know they were in fact the ladies that had designed and made the above hanging masterpiece. 
The shoot featured some of their Modern Metallics collection in gold and ivory and I was very lucky to see them carefully assemble each piece on the day (The luxe day invite is a personal favourite of mine.) can be assured that these ladies will pull out all the stops for your big day - their attention to detail is second to none.
Photography by Fiona Kelly

We got to meet again just a few weeks ago at The London Wedding Emporium where they mingled with creative couples and shared their latest collections to brides and grooms alike. Just check out that chevron backdrop and photo booth!

Before sharing the rest of their collection, I'll hand over to Jacqui and Katie to tell you a little more about themselves. 
Eagle Eyed Bride - over to you...
...arranging & re-arranging trend boards, snapping away in our photography corner OR entangled in string and double sided tape - stringing up pretty displays is our speciality!

   ...a rollercoaster! We have the fun job of supplying pretty and cool stationery, decorations & photo booths so people are always pleased to see us. We love the full range of emotions on display. Fun, fear, laughter & tears!

...have hankies and glue dots in our handbags! We highly recommend this combination to guests - there's always something that needs fixing in place!

...leave the house without glue dots :) We both always seem to carry huge stuffed-full handbags. Whatever you might want, we’ve got it! Bag ladies extraordinaire!

Katie: Lionel Richie, Dancing on the Ceiling, whoop!  

Jac: Risin’ to the Top, Kenni Burke – all time fave track!

Photography by Fiona Kelly
Anywhere with a bar! The Book Club in Shoreditch is great place to meet after work.
Or the roof garden at Queen of Hoxton when the sun is shining.

We love, bespoke creations from dress designer Wilden Bride.

We also really love the wondrous and crazy cakes from Sugared Saffron
Facebook: Eagle Eyed Bride
Pinterest: EagleEyedBride 
Twitter: @EagleEyedBride

How amazing is that moon photo booth? A couple of my friends are getting married this year and this was one of my first recommendations to them both! Got to love a to love an Eagle Eyed Bride one even more! 

I can't rate these ladies enough. Not only are they both super super friendly...their creative eyes and clever hands make the most beautiful stationery. I'm looking forward to our next catch up! Woooo!

Have a fun Easter weekend and see you on the other side. (Can't wait to share a sweet little freebie with you on Wednesday!! Keep an eye out for it!) 

Much love, 

Samantha x

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