Sunday, 8 January 2012

To top it off...

Photo Credit: Travis Neely 
Cake Topper: Ready Go Paper Studio

Although I quite fancied a little cake topper for my big day…my husband wasn’t too keen on little toy versions of us sitting precariously on top of our wedding cake. He said that it could go one of two ways:

a) They’d look great and people would think it was cute

b) We’d end up with a couple of crazed plastic figures staring out at the guests. (A bit like those dodgy celebrity dolls that don't resemble anyone, yet alone the celebrity in question)

I tried to persuade him with tiny peg people, glittery monograms, cute little strips of mini bunting and even a little abstract clay piece I had discovered on Etsy - but he still wasn’t sure. And to be honest, neither was I. 

In 2009, when we tied the knot, I couldn't find a cake topper that appealed to me - so I gave up the search. As it turned out, we opted for a beautiful Temari ball cake by Makiko Searle and the decision was made for us. No topper.

Fast forward a few years and with the delights of Etsy, Pinterest and a fair number of fabulous wedding blogs appearing over the web, it became easier to view a whole host of unique wedding accessories from around the globe. Quirky little handmade items or vintage cake toppers being just a few in the ever increasing wedding world. 

The 'I wish I had seen that when we got married' envy started and I’ve since discovered to embrace the beautiful items that are out there now instead of dwelling on the fact that they weren't available for our big day. 

Then yesterday - whilst searching Folksy for a baby crib mobile - I landed (once again) in the wedding section. And I found what I was finally looking for...albeit 3 years too late.

Credit: Miss Cake

Sarah (aka Miss Cake) is the cake-topping brains behind these fabulous little creations. Laser cut, personalised cake toppers. 

Owner and designer Sarah Broadhurst, who started out as a cake maker, now also makes these handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces for her clients. Her new cake topper range is a fantastically unique idea for a bride who doesn’t want a traditional cake topper but a handcrafted piece she can keep forever.

All of her items are lovingly handmade in Sarah's home studio, right by the seaside in Brighton. Although she's not based in London, Sarah will, "deliver anywhere in the world" and does so through her website and Folksy page. The Miss Cake range is constantly being added to and you can follow her on Twitter and Facebook to hear about new products and ideas.

And that's not it! Miss Cake also makes bespoke items for her clients. These include table decor, signs for props, jewellery, table numbers, decoration and other accessories for weddings and events.

The opportunities of what she can create are endless and I'm pretty sure that if you send her a little email with an idea of what you're after...she'll be able to design something bespoke and whizz it up on her magical little machine.

So, if you want to see even more, Sarah and her fabulous creations can be found in a number of places over the web: herehereherehere and here!

And just to keep you all 'topped' up for the week are a few more alternative cake toppers to mull over. 

From left to right, top to bottom: Handmade, Bears, Twig, Animal, Silhouette, Crossword

So, will you be having a cake topper for your big day? Or are cake toppers out for you?

Just for the record, if all of the above options had been available in 2009, the husband said he would choose this or this.

Enjoy the remains of your Sunday.

Samantha x x 


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