Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Can You Help? What's in London?

A Little London Wedding is all about bringing you the very best in London Wedding finds. Whether that be suppliers, shops, venues or other unique wedding items that might be useful to those planning their weddings.

Right now, I have a very big map of London taped to my office wall (read kitchen wall) and street-by-street, borough-by-borough, I'm crossing off the wedding finds that exist.

And this is where you come in! 

Do you know of a great wedding find in London that we can place on the map? Is there a tiny wedding boutique without online presence that you think everyone should know about? Have you seen a cool undiscovered little venue that holds wedding receptions (or ceremonies) that we could pop onto our Little London pages?

If so, send me a little message via the email icon on the right and if I think it's something my readers will like...I'll pop on over there, have a little look myself and pop it on the map and write a little feature.

Much Love,

Samantha x x

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