Sunday, 22 July 2012

Bits & Pieces - Online Finds / Week 1

If you've been in my life for more than 5 minutes, you'll know that I love scouring the Internet for wedding bits and pieces. So much so, I can get lost in a series of click-click-clicks that ultimately leave me with 65 pages open at once and all manner of things swimming around inside my head.

My husband finds it amusing that I can be looking for wedding cakes to pin here and suddenly end up here not looking at anything culinary at all.

So rather than clogging up my desktop with the fruits of procrastination - I thought I'd share some of my little online finds with you! Hopefully one of these links may inspire someone-somewhere with their wedding planning...or simply fuel a few moments of well-deserved escape from the wedding planning itself. ;)

Each week I'll be sharing two wedding finds and two non-wedding/random finds from around the web and will post the feature on Sundays, in the evening. Perfect timing for that last minute task avoidance before work on Monday begins! 

I absolutely adore these illustrated wedding invitations from Folded Paper! Their attention to detail and quirky designs are ridiculously clever. They make me want to have my wedding all over again, just to have these!

The creative duo, Jenni and Caro have joined forces to create a truly gorgeous set of wedding invites with a real sense of fanciful fun. You can't help but fall in love with the playful illustrations and stories that unfold within each invitation suite. 

Their concept is imaginative and certainly priced in the perfect range for those planning a wedding in the current climate. I can't help but smile at the light and entertaining sketches like this one and also this one which both conjure up the very happy memories from my own big day.

If unique and fun, with a personal twist, is what you are looking for in your wedding invitations... Folded Paper will certainly be able to help you out.

The next 'wedding find' today can be found over on another site I always end up endlessly searching - Folksy. 
The Doll City Rocker shop sells kooky, hand-stitched wedding accessories including tattoo and Day of the Dead inspired boutonni√®res and bunting. Her little creations remind me of a stunning wedding I recently saw here.

I'm also pleased to say that Suzi is based in London! Yay! Although she does deliver world-wide, so fear not, overseas readers can purchase her bits and pieces too.

To see all the other creations made by Suzi,including pillows and hair accessories, take a look at the different places she appears on the web here, here and here.

And if you fancy making your own wedding garlands or banners to decorate your wedding venue, Suki now offers  DIY Paper versions which are now available as PDFs in her online shop!

Kate Weybret fulfils my first non-wedding find today. Although her Muchas Gracias letterpress cards would be a gorgeous alternative to traditional thank-you cards after the event...

I happened to stumble upon her Etsy shop whilst researching wedding finds in London; her online store is called Elephant and Castle. And...typically, I ended up over on her blog seconds later whilst click-clicking away. 

Her site contains links to her 'pinspirations', her own photography and generally a whole heap of stuff that inspires her. This is one I'm certainly going to follow and have bookmarked it, ready to dip into on a regular basis. 

Head on over to her Etsy store to see more of her fine art prints and paper goods. I've personally got my eyes on this print.

I won't tell you too much about my next online find because I have another post coming up soon about this lovely lady. But in the meantime, I can't help but share her gorgeous design site - Kaleidoscope. (Not such a random find actually...but a non-wedding one all the same!)

Amanda Fuller is the very clever lady who helped me put my little blog together and without giving away too much now...I'll simply tell you that she is super helpful, very inspiring and has become a great friend over this year.

I love her design blog and have it firmly saved as a top hit on my desktop. Colour is something that appeals to me greatly and I love the different 'finds' that Amanda showcases on her blog. 

Head on over there now...but be warned - you may just spend more than a few hours gazing at all the eye-catching things she's found. 

Have something you want to share? Seen something a little different and want to shout about it? Send your something 'share-worthy' over to me by clicking the envelope up top. If it's something I like too...I'll add it in our Best of the Rest feature over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, hope you enjoyed the fabulous weather today. I almost can't believe the sun finally came out to join us! 

Much Love,

Samantha x

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