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Find My London Wedding Photographer

Who better to kick-start our weekly 'Find My' feature than the lovely Lucy Williams from My Heart Skipped


There are so many reasons to love Lucy and the fact that she's a fabulous photographer is just one of those. She's also an award winning photographer (oooh!), claiming first award with the Association of Photographers (AOP) and selected for a Judges Choice Award by Deborah Brown, Picture Director of Grazia Magazine!

Lucy's background is originally in fine art and film and this is evident in the painterly light, shadow and colour she brings to her work. She's very observational in style and loves getting to know her couples and watching their stories unfold. She once said to me, 'photography is a bit like being a detective (her first career choice aged 6 and a half), watching and waiting for key moments to happen!' 

I've had the pleasure of meeting Lucy a number of times this year and have talked to her regularly, in what can only be described as stream-of-consciousness style emails! I feel at ease when we speak. I can spout off my ideas and questions (sometimes in the wee hours of the morning!) and know she'll respond quickly with emails that never fail to make me smile!

From the very first time we met (and we almost didn't - due to the fact one of us was waiting inside the designated cafe and the other waiting outside, unknowingly!) I knew that we would stay in contact.  Her enthusiasm for her craft is more than infectious and having her there to ask advice and share thoughts with is invaluable. I can't wait until we collaborate on little projects together and hope that the ideas we dream up will materialise on these very pages.

So...are you looking for a photographer who genuinely wants to get to know you? Someone who'll take stunning photographs, without you realising she's even there? Or do you simply want someone who'll make you feel at ease in front of the camera? If so, Lucy is most certainly the lady you've been looking for. Take a look at her profile below to see exactly why...
…creative, observational and relaxed wedding and portrait photography.  My photography includes pre-wedding and engagement shoots, bridal boudoir, DIY photo booths (fun!) and full wedding day coverage. Post shoot, I offer a selection of fine art options from prints and hand crafted albums to digital photographs, beautifully processed and ready to print, on disc.
…vivid, real, fun.  I love getting to know people and capturing chic and quirky celebrations as they happen. From the tiniest of details to the overall atmosphere of the day; the emotions, the laughter, the individuality and all of the magical moments that make people’s hearts skip!

an opportunity to photograph something unique and to capture memories for couples that will last for generations to come.
I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by The Darkness - I’m not sure I should admit to that ;)
it poured down all day and this couple were completely up for carrying on with their engagement shoot despite having been drenched through.  They had the flippers in the boot of their car and when they showed me, I couldn’t resist taking some shots!  We ended up standing in a field of ferns with rain dripping off our noses in such fits of giggles!

get told that I make people feel comfortable and confident in front of the lens.
say no to a slice of cake.
It’s hidden above a Soho pub and like stepping into another era, the perfect place for afternoon tea!


You can also view my work on a variety of other websites and blogs: here, here, here and here.

The Ukulele Lady -

Sara Spade is The Ukulele Lady and not only plays the ukulele brilliantly but also writes and sings delightfully cute and quirky songs! I met her at a ukulele party and she had us all in fits of giggles as we played, ‘Whip Crack Away’ from Calamity Jane. Her workshops are perfect for hen parties and she offers unique, 1950s inspired entertainment for weddings and celebrations.

Miss Ballooniverse -

Miss Baloooniverse is enigmatic, creative and so much fun! Think fancy balloon corsages, bridal crowns, floral balloon bouquets. Perfect for kids at weddings, if they are able to get to Miss Ballooniverse before the adults ;)

And that's all from Lucy for now...but keep your eyes peeled as I have a feeling you'll be seeing a lot more of Ms Williams on these pages very soon! 

So...what do you think of our 'Find My' series? Is there any other information you think we should include to help you get to know your suppliers?  Do you have a wedding supplier that you think we should include in our 'Find My' feature? If so, click one of our contact links above and let us know - we love to showcase the very best of London wedding suppliers.

In the meantime, have a fabulous weekend and keep your eye out for our 'Best of the Rest' feature coming up tomorrow and a little bit of wedding Make-It-Yourself later in the week!

Much Love,

Samantha x

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