Saturday, 7 July 2012

So...after much to-ing and fro-ing with how I'd actually start this little blog thing of mine, today I put virtual pen to paper as it were. After finding great tips and inspiration from the wonderful Michelle over here and the equally inspiring Rebecca, I'm here to tell you exactly what A Little London Wedding is all about and what you can expect to find here on my little pages in the coming months.

Having spent the last year chatting to some ridiculously creative wedding people, I am super excited to finally start spreading the London love! Through the different posts I'll be writing, I hope to introduce to you some amazing wedding suppliers based in and around London (or willing to travel to) and hope to help you find out a little more than just who they are and what they do.

Each week the 'Find My' series will introduce a new wedding supplier. From photographers to cake makers, florists to dressmakers - each 'Find My' post will showcase  a professional in the wedding industry, helping you to choose your supplier by reading a short personal interview with them and viewing some examples of their work from a wide range of weddings. I mean, these are the people who'll be a part of your big day right? You want to know a little more about them than just their name and what they do... :) and hopefully our personal interviews will give you exactly that.

Keep an eye out this week for our very first 'Find My' feature with the gorgeous Lucy Williams from My Heart Skipped

All the supplier posts and interviews will be stored in this little area here or by clicking 'Find My' above.

Do you already have a fabulous wedding supplier who will work in and around London? Think we should feature them here? Then drop me a line by hitting one of the contact buttons on the right and send me their details! 

Being a total make-and-do, DIY, craft-creating obsessive, my 'Make-It-Yourself' feature will present wedding DIY for brides looking to cut wedding costs, add a handmade element to their big day and generally do it for themselves. 

As well as showing video instructions of how to make certain items, A Little London Wedding will also be hooking up with top London wedding suppliers to show you how to Make-It-Yourself 'wedding style', step by step.

As I upload these, they will all be stored in this little area here.

Perhaps there is something you want to make but you're not sure how. Let me know what it is you're trying to create and if I think I might be able to have a little go at it...I will. (Or at least I'll have a go and share the results!)

Another feature you'll find gracing the pages here on A Little London Wedding is the 'London Wedding Spot'. 

Each week, little Pip and I will we travelling around London together, finding the most fabulous wedding venues, florists, dress shops and suppliers then coming home to write about them. We'll be telling you what you can find for your wedding here in London and where you can find these great people and places. 

To make it ridiculously easy for you to locate these products, shops and suppliers, we will be tagging our posts and storing them under the London boroughs.

Hopefully, as the content builds, the borough feature will help wedding folk alike to search out the best wedding finds around London with ease.

I love freebies. Especially good ones. Especially wedding ones!

When planning my own wedding, I scoured the web for little freebies and downloads I might have been able to use for my big day. There are so many wonderful things out there and over the many years I spent planning my wedding, I managed to gather a hefty bank of links to these great finds. 'Fabulous Freebies' will be the feature showing different freebies from around the web, free wedding downloads created here on A Little London Wedding and the place to come for wedding competitions and giveaways. 

To find all the best wedding freebies out there...check out the DIY and Freebies over the coming months by clicking the link above. 

There is a lot of wedding stuff on the interest. Ridiculously obvious. 

I know this because I spent many years in the lead up to my own wedding (and years after that in the lead up to many friends' weddings) searching for wedding things. 

Each week I'll be posting some great finds from around the web. Showcasing the different wedding elements and details; helping you to find the things you need for your wedding. 

'Best of the Rest' will present wedding inspiration from around the web, list fab Etsy items, bring new crafts from Folksy and share Pinterest finds and generally anything that I think will be of interest to those getting married and reading these pages here on A Little London Wedding.

Stick with me as the content slowly builds and feel free to ask questions and drop me any suggestions. If you think there's something that would fit in well here at A Little London Wedding - please let me know and I'll do my best to include it.

In the meantime, hang around this week and wait to meet some amazing suppliers and get involved with some wedding DIY. Eeeeek...I'm so excited already!

Much Love, 

Samantha x


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