Sunday, 9 September 2012

Bits and Pieces - Online Finds / Week 3

If you're here for the first time tonight...hello and welcome! Bits & Pieces - Online Finds (slight name change) is my late night Sunday feature; a little something for those not wanting to think about work just yet. (It's also a way for me to to do something productive with all the links I've accrued during the week!) 

Each Sunday evening I'll tell you about two wedding finds and two not so wedding. Simple. 

Here they are for this week...

A bit of a cheat with this one really as they aren't technically wedding suppliers. But seeing as the lovely girls will supply to weddings, I'm putting them here. I won't tell you too much about them right now; you'll be seeing a full feature about them very soon. In the meantime, I couldn't help but share a snippet from the gorgeousness that is...
But if you just can't wait and want to get your sugary hit before then - follow them on Twitter and Facebook and see what all the fuss is about. 

The Meringue Girls are also in the process of finishing their website too. Keep refreshing that holding page, it's going to be gorgeous I can assure you!  
And now a little wedding item you may have seen before - but I'll share it with you some people live under rocks apparently.

Introducing The Original Wedding Tea Towel. A great option for an eco-conscious save-the-date or wedding invitation.

Having made the first tea towel for their own wedding invites back in 2009, Karen and Ben now sell a whole range and even offer a bespoke service for brides and grooms wanting something even more unique.

These quirky little keepsakes are beautifully designed and more than just your average invitation. Just look at the detail on these three!
The above are just a few of the designs available from The Original Tea Towel company. To see more, check them out on FacebookTwitter or their blog ( should definitely check out their blog as Karen's witty posts often have me in fits of giggles!) 

Stationery. Need I say more? You know about this obsession we'll go straight in.

Bread and Jam - the genius combination of Ed from Ed's Place and Catherine from Made to MakeI loved these guys separately and now I love them even more. Featured this week on the wonderful Frankly Magazine, Bread and Jam are at the start of what looks to be an exciting few years ahead. 

With their Etsy and Folksy stores already proving a hit, they're now showcasing their wares in online shops over at Culture Label and Not On The High Street. Hand printed stationery, quirky little gifts and homeware items - with a lean towards mid century design, this is the kind of stationery I adore.

Oh...and how cool are these wooden pencil cases?!
 The Random Notes of Appreciation are totally my thing. Christmas shopping here I come!

They also have a blog where they run a new regular feature, highlighting fab finds from Folksy (non-intentional alliteration there) and other great features where they talk about designers and their Creative Heroes. It's bookmarked as a favourite of mine already.

You can also catch Ed and Catherine on Facebook and Twitter...go and say hi! 

Pedlars...what can I say? Having this little gem on my doorstep makes for a happy Saturday. For those in the know, Pedlars is a hidden little shop just off the main Portobello stretch, selling things for the home and useful things for the outdoorsy type. 

When I first stumbled upon the shop, I knew straightaway I'd found something special. The gentleman behind the desk helped me in with my pram, offered me a coffee and left me to look around without being hounded - suggesting a few items that might be of interest (and were) only when it looked like I'd made my choice on a couple of items.  

The carefully selected stock is perfect for design lovers, family types, people who love an adventure and want to spruce up their homes with thoughtful decor. Actually, although I've filed this under the Random/Non Wedding finds, it's made me think - Pedlars would make an amazing wedding registry. Can you imagine arriving home from your honeymoon to a houseful of Pedlar's bits!? 
From one-off vintage items to limited prints, outdoor essentials to interesting kitchen pieces, Pedlars has all the stuff you'll love. (I've totally stolen their tagline there...but it's true.)

And if you check out Charlie and Caroline's blog (they are thee Pedlar's themselves) and the little bit of info here you can find out more about the fabulous duo and their rather gorgeous shop. 

Oh and just so you know... it's also a trusted place you can pick up a copy of Uppercase and my new found favourite, Kinfolk (as recommended by the lovely man behind the desk).

From what I can gather...there's going to be lots happening with Pedlar's in the coming months so if I were you, I'd follow them on Twitter and Facebook to keep you abreast of all things new on the Pedlars front. 

Well, that's it for this little late night Londoner. I've gotta get some beauty sleep as I'm off to this event on Tuesday night! 

Much love,

Samantha x x

P.s. I am aware of my misuse of ellipsis and my overzealous font/colour usage. It's intentional and it makes me happy. As does cake...especially the chocolatey, creamy variety. 


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