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Find my London Wedding Photographer - Little Jewel

Three years ago, after a brief fling with journalism and a year working as a second shooter, Julie Davis began her beautiful company - Little Jewel Photography. Both Julie and I have a few things in common...namely weddings, babies and a love for cake and I was lucky enough to meet her just a few weeks ago to talk about all three! 

A real love for light, Julie captures weddings in such a natural, unassuming way. With an oh-so-romantic style and subtle ethereal quality to her images, it's not surprising that her 2013 diary is filling up fast! 

I really enjoy reading updates on her blog, as well as sneaking a look at all the gorgeous images. Her blog posts are sweet and honest and the recent "Little Jewel School" updates are an informative read too! Take a quick peep over there to have a little read! 

I for one can personally vouch for Little Jewel too - she recently took some photographs at an event I had arranged and I was really impressed with the quality of the images and a real quick turn around. (Keep an eye out for these next week!) 

Oh...and just in case you didn't already know...Julie Davis is in the Guinness Book of World Records. Personally, I think the record itself says a lot. What a great sport Little Jewel is! 

So without further's Jules! 
...romantic, natural photography. I always try to meet my clients before the wedding so that I fully understand the couples' requirements. I also include a pre-wedding shoot as part of my wedding packages which gives us all an opportunity to know one another a little better and have some fun without the pressure of the wedding day. For the ladies I offer a Rock The Frock sessions and for the boys...bridal boudoir!
...natural, romantic and elegant.  It is very much about recording your day in an informal, candid way and recording those special moments that make your wedding day unique. amazing day full of love and laughter and emotion.

...'Superstition' by Stevie Wonder. One of the best intros ever!
...of its simplicity and tranquility. The bride and groom sharing a quiet moment together on their wedding day. The tenderness of the brides head resting on her husband's shoulder. The couple looking out in the distance, picturing their future together. I like the anonymity of the though you can picture yourself being there in that moment.
…try to meet my clients before they book me. It's so important to make sure you both click with one another. 
tire of listening to the best man's speech. I've been reduced to tears more than once!

Best. Pies. Ever.  Downstairs is a teeny tiny old man pub selling real ales and pork scratchings. Go up the winding staircase at the back of the pub though and you enter Pie Heaven. I highly recommend the Lamb and Rosemary pie, it's lush!

Twitter: @Lil_Jewel_Photo

Other places you can see my work: here and here and here.

I met Jodie at a wedding I was shooting last year and fell in love with her work. Not only is she a lovely person, calm and reassured, but her make-up skills are fantastic. In fact I've booked up a private lesson with her so I can learn some of her top tips for myself.

Konditor & Cook -

I love cake. They sell cake. Need I say more?

Cake? A woman after my own heart. Pop on over to Julie's website now and say a quick hello...also, be sure to come back later this week to see some more of Julie's work. We met up with a whole bunch of other cake eaters at Drink Shop and Do in King's Cross and Julie very kindly captured the action!

Much Love,

Samantha x


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