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Find My Wedding Stationery - Folded Paper

You might remember these two gorgeous ladies from a post I wrote a couple of months back. They're Jenni and Caro, the individuals behind the truly creative wedding invitation concept - Folded PaperThe pairing of their talent is spot on and it can't be denied...there really isn't anything as cute out there at the moment. I'm totally in love with the designs, the hilarious little details and more than anything...the quirky characters within each invite. (Every time I look I see something new!) Forget your typical wedding stationery suites, Folded Paper is so much more. 

Enough from me...over to the girls!

...illustrated wedding stationery that is different, quirky and fun. You choose your favourite images from our designs and handwritten text templates, and we put together a main invite and an information pack that is unique to your special day. We also have designs for Save the Dates, Menus, RSVP cards and Order of Service.

...humorous, jovial and a little bit silly.  We want your guests to get excited about the fun they are going to have at your wedding.  Some of the illustrations are scribbly line drawings and some are beautiful and colourful collage designs. You won’t find many sickly sweet flowers or butterflies here. We love artwork that tells stories with quirky characters, imagination and personality.

...a time for fun and celebration with the people you love.

...Jenni: Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder and Caro: Sweetest Feeling by Jackie Wilson. was the first image we ever did.  When Caro was getting married in the summer of 2011, she had very specific ideas about how she wanted her invites to look.  She gave Jenni the impossible task of transforming the ideas that were in her head into physical form on paper.  This is how it turned out.  It was very much a joint effort, and both were very happy with the outcome.

 ...enjoy being creative together.  We only live 5 minutes from each other so meet up a lot, for both work and play.

have enough time in the day. Brixton Village, where we wile away the hours with good food, wine and friends.   We have also spent a lot of time there with vats of coffee scheming and plotting our new ideas for Folded Paper. It’s a great place.
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Other places you can view our work: here, here, here and here 
...the Jhal Muri Express which is run by Angus Denoon. 

It is a portable trolley which serves Jhal Muri, a traditional street food snack from Kolkata. 

‘Jhal’ means hot. ‘Muri’ means rice, which Angus cooks until it puffs up. He then pops it into a pot with roasted dal and peanut, crisp noodles, potato, cucumber, tomato, bean sprouts, onion, ginger, black salt, special masala, coconut, green mango, tamarind sauce, mustard oil, fresh coriander and lime. “Mix it up, and pour it into a paper cone,” says Angus. “Clean and clear, fast and fresh. It’s a great leveler – and a temple of tastes.”

It is the best wedding snack we have ever had….. 

Find Angus here:
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If wedding stationery is something you still need to organise, look no further - Jenni and Caro are already excited about hearing from you. Give them a shout! 

And I just have to add this makes me smile every single time! :) 

Much Love,

Samantha x


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