Sunday, 2 September 2012

London Wedding Spot - Choccywoccydoodah

On Thursday evening, I was given the opportunity to do something unexpected, indulgent and totally gratifying. Uninterrupted for 2 whole hours, I sipped champagne and stuffed my face with pure chocolate goodies, courtesy of the central London team over at ChoccywoccydoodahAs some of you already know, I was unable to eat dairy for almost 4 months. So when Christine invited me to a writers and bloggers tea party, to view their new Secret Room, (on the day I could start eating it again) I jumped at the chance. And stuff my face I did...

You can't miss the shop...standing proud on the corner, a little along the way as you enter Fouberts Place, just off Carnaby Street. Three floors high, clean black brick with red trimmings - the door open wide; inviting you in. 

As soon as you enter, the whole shop engulfs you in chocolate. There are cakes, buttons, lollies, bars, jars, slabs...I could go on but it's probably easier to show you...
Choccywoccydoodah specialises in one-off cakes, sculpted entirely out of chocolate. Okay…there’s some cake in the middle…but as the ratio goes, I’d reckon chocolate was most certainly higher. And considering they only use the finest Belgian chocolate couvetures (in case you didn't know) and coatings, you’re only getting the good stuff. 

After a quick peek in the shop downstairs, I was whisked up to the CafĂ©, to be served milkshakes, champagne and unlimited chocolate from the side table and of course...cake galore. I watched in amazement as a member of the team sliced open one of the many delights - Choccywoccydoodah do not do things by halves! Please look at the bloody size of that cake! Six layers, filled with champagne chocolate truffle and slathered with Belgian chocolate on top. I ate three slices...not three layers...three slices.
 And when I'd just about eaten my weight in chocolate truffles, (we were allowed to fill up goodie bags with anything we wanted) I was discreetly handed a number and told that when called, I would be taken upstairs to view 'The Secret' on the top floor. Can you imagine the excitement! More chocolate? Secrets? What's up there? Just as I was about to shove another slice of cake into my mouth, I was called...
Want to know what the secret was? Want to know what was upstairs? Personally...I want to keep it a secret. It's something so special, you almost don't want everyone to know! 

I'll just tell you that it's the perfect place for hen parties and celebrations...full stop. What's contained in the Secret Room is something that has to be experienced first hand. Pure decadence; rich lavishness and a place that promises something different. If you've got a group of up to 35 people and want something that screams Mad Hatter's Tea them now. 

And if you simply can't wait to find out The Secret - click here to see some photographs taken by the fabulous Tino & Pip Photography duo.

With Choccywoccydoodah there are no limitations. If you can dream it, they can make it. Their name is name synonymous with chocolate extravagance and if that's what you're after for your wedding cake or any other celebration for that matter...the team will certain be able to help you out.

And yes...everything henceforth is made from chocolate. And yes...I just said henceforth. Christine and the opulence within The Secret Room made me do it.

Find out more about them here: WebsiteBlogFacebookTwitterYouTubeTV Show

A big thank you to Christine for letting me explore the London store and for allowing me to eat silly amounts of beautiful chocolatey things. You have the most gorgeous team of people working for you - a big shout to Ben for his ridiculously wonderful hosting skills and Barry for his handiwork with the remarkable decor too! I'll certainly be back soon!

If you're thinking about having a Choccywoccydoodah cake designed for your wedding, pop by and let me know, I'd love to see a cake through from initial design through to the finish on the big day. Or if you're trying to plan a hen party for a friend, show us the pictures after. Now stop drooling and get yourself down to Foubert Street you chocolate fiends!

Much love,

Samantha x


  1. Excellent summary of the evening! (Exactly like what I was going to write - I wish!) Gorgeous photos, certainly do it justice. Fab to meet you,
    Ann x

    1. You too Ann! We will have to catch up again soon! We should choose a nice foodie place! x

    2. Yes I would love that! I have finally blogged about the evening though,and have linked to yours (yours is way better though!). I've tweeted you the link. A x

    3. Thanks hun! Just popped over. x Right, I'll send you a message on FB and we'll arrange! x

  2. Ooh sounds divine, and I suddenly feel like a massive piece of cake after reading that post. I think I am going to have to pay Choccywoccydoodah a visit very soon! X x

    1. It was rather lovely! You should go for sure. The truffles are ridiculous! x


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