Monday, 17 December 2012

Inbal Dror Wedding Dresses finally come to London! (Part 2)

Obsessing over the details

As the rest of the world waits impatiently for the arrival of Inbal Dror, here in London we can sleep soundly knowing Morgan Davies Bridal have it covered - they are the only UK stockist for the haute couture designer. Did you already see Part 1?

It wasn't much of a surprise to find Inbal Dror trending on Google last week. The world are desperate to get their hands on these stunning gowns and the results clearly show. (Check out the graph at the end of this post! I do love a graph!)

Inbal Dror dresses emphasise every curve, unashamedly skimming the body and highlighting the feminine silhouette; plunging necklines and revealing backs are a common theme throughout. However, there are other details that stand out for me in the 2012 collection. 

Simple sleeves

Floor-sweeping skirts and trains
Little back details
Although this is probably my favourite back example.

Beautiful bodices

Total Wedding Geek

I don't really need to say much more here...the graph tells the story. (Yep, I added a graph.)

Much love,

Samantha x x

P.s. There's more to come! Keep your eyes peeled for some more Inbal Dror love later this week! 


  1. wow so beautiful ! Incredibly stunning dresses : )

  2. I am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with the second dress. I want to see what the bottom and back look like, do you have any information on that?

  3. I love the first one under beautiful bodices and I really love the one (which you didn't include) with long sleeves where the model is going on a horse carriage.

  4. Wow!I love the five one!!!!and all of them are really beautiful!Do you know how much on of them could cost ??? Thanks :-)

    1. Morgan Davies Bridal will be able to give you more accurate prices but they start at around £3000. x

  5. Hey! I am wedding dress hunting and I love #8 where the model is sitting and it's a low back you happen to have the store ID for the dress?(: Also, where can I find these dresses? Thanks!


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