Saturday, 1 December 2012

Watercolour Save The Date - A Little London Wedding DIY

How about some wedding DIY to start your weekend? Here's a little something I created after my Dream.Find.Do experience back in September. I had a rare day to myself and fancied doing something crafty that would also give me the chance to put my DFD skills to good use! 

As you can probably tell, the Dream.Find.Do team and their gorgeous geometric branding have clearly had an influence on my design. I've also recently discovered a beautiful watercolour artist called Shana Frase. If you're yet to view her work or magical website then I suggest you head straight over, after this post. Her landing page and about section are the most creative I've seen in a while! 

For this DIY, I wanted to make something that would be relatively easy to do and low in cost. I'm no artist! The DIY you'll find on A Little London Wedding will always be for the bride who wants something achievable! 

To make 50 of them it will cost approximately £28 and should take a day or two, depending on how much of a perfectionist you are! I found it really therapeutic and I love the fact that each one is different. They're postcards so you won't even need an envelope - just stick a stamp on the back and you're good to go! We're eco-conscious here too you know! 

If you haven't got the exact items above, similar will do. As long as you have some tracing paper and a couple of watercolours you'll be fine.

Step 1: With a sharp pencil and ruler, make small marks (2cm apart) across the top of the postcard.

Step 2: Draw vertical lines down from these marks.

Step 3: Make another set of small marks (2cm apart again) along the side of the postcard. (Leave a gap for your wording at the bottom) This will create a set of rectangles.

Step 4: Rub out the vertical lines from the wording section. (This is the space at the bottom of the postcard where you will want your Save The Date phrase to sit.)

Step 5: Draw one diagonal line inside each rectangle - corner to corner. Alternate the starting corner for each one. (Up, down, up, down...)

Step 6: Continue until the pattern above is achieved.

Step 7: Using watercolours, paint each triangle a different hue. I chose the green and blue spectrum but whatever suits your wedding will work.

Step 8: Continue painting the triangles - change the amount of water and the shade in each one. Just remember to vary the colours that touch. (If two very similar colours are next to each other it won't be as effective.)

Step 9: Keep going until all the triangles are filled. 

Step 10: Type your wording into a text box. (I used the Word application and the words "Save the Date" using the Peoni Pro font. Check this link out for some great font websites.)

Step 11: Use the resizing toggles to 'flip' the text box over. (Click on the right hand corner and drag it across to the left.) The wording is now reversed.

Step 12: Print your flipped phrase onto an A4 sheet of tracing paper.

Step 13: Turn the tracing sheet over and the printed/inky side will now be touching the postcard. (That's why we had to flip and reverse it!) 

Step 14: Using masking tape, lightly stick the tracing paper into position.

Step 15: With the back of your paintbrush, or another blunt instrument, start to 'scratch' the writing onto the blank section of the postcard. 

Step 16: As you press over the letters, the ink will rub off onto the postcard. 

Step 17: Carefully lift up the tracing sheet to check you have completed the transfer. (This is an important step. You'll sometimes spot an area that needs a little more pressure.)

Step 18: Stand back and're nearly finished! ;)

Step 19: Using a Sharpie pen, carefully draw over the faint transfer. (I would actually recommend the Sharpie fine point permanent marker as the one I used was slightly thicker than needed.)

Step 20: Using the same transfer technique described above, simply add the name of the bride and groom and the wedding date. To finish off, just write the address for your guest and hey presto...DIY Watercolour Save the Date...done! 

Easy enough? Think you'll have a go? 
If you create something similar, or have any ideas for a wedding DIY you'd like us to try out here on A Little London Wedding - give me a shout and we'll do our best to add it to our little pages. 

Much love,

Samantha x x 


I know that some people might want to print straight onto the postcard (and think that it would save time) - but this technique is useful if you want to achieve the calligraphy/handwritten look yourself. I tried printing it on but it just didn't have the same feel. 


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