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Amy B Photography - Find My London Wedding Photographer .

Wedding shoes with London cityscape backdrop

The lovely lady over there to your left (resist the urge to say, to the left - to the left - Beyonce style) is Amy of Amy B Photography, our newest supplier here on A Little London Wedding.

I spotted Amy's photos on Instagram whilst looking at The Fabulous Wedding Festival pics a couple of weeks ago (we're both seemingly addicts) and instantly asked her to feature here.

I just know you're going to love her photographs as they capture the real fun and laughter of weddings. I think it'd be pretty awesome having her as your photographer as she seems pretty fun when not behind the camera too. (Read the interview below!)

Amy is originally from Manchester but is living with her husband in London now and has been since 2011. She says, "I have a true understanding for what a wedding day is really about. For me, I love photography and people in love. I have made photographs for as long as I can remember and never tire of lifting a camera and documenting the ‘pretty’ around me."

"Life moves so fast and doing what I do slows things down a little and gives us the window of opportunity to look back at the happy times; those moments that really count."

So, have a little read of Amy's interview below and then go and add her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. (Make Instagram your first stop as she really does capture beautiful things.)

...sharing in the wedding days of many a happy couple up and down the UK. Being an all-round creative means that I am always searching for new ideas and I like to push boundaries where possible with my photography. When I’m not taking pictures at a wedding, you will find me mingling with guests and hovering around the sweetie table!

...the best most dazzlingly amazing day for any couple in luuurv!

Bouncy castle London Wedding ...“KISS” by Prince. (I’ve been known to fall over in my mad dash to get the dance floor when this song comes on!)

...stay a little longer at weddings to enjoy a boogie on the dance floor with the friends I’ve made during the day.
 ... eat nuts. Has something to do with me being allergic I think! So no wedding cake for me if there is a nut in sight!
 ...maybe not so secret! Living in Greenwich, I love nothing more than a stroll through the historical park and sitting up by The Royal Observatory on a sunny day and taking in the views of the capital.
Octavia Plum - Octavia Plum designs gorgeous wedding stationery for modern couples that have a passion for the beauty, decadence and intricacies of a bygone era. Borrowing from the past to create something new.

Pembroke Lodge - a little gem for any couple searching for their wedding venue. Nestled in the heart of Richmond park, this venue is bright and has a beautiful terrace at the back from where guests can indulge in the drinks reception whilst enjoying beautiful views out over Surrey.
Couple kissing outside Pembroke Lodge for their London wedding

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A big thank you to Amy for agreeing to feature, I can't wait to see all those London wedding photographs of 2013 now!
Bride and groom standing in field of yellow daffodils for their London wedding

Oh my, this photo has me really wishing for springtime weather to arrive. Don't you agree? Where is that sunshine hey? Keeping my fingers crossed and dreaming of the balmy weather that is right around the corner...I just know it's waiting to join us.

Much love,

Samantha x


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